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Old 22-08-09, 06:56 AM
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Exclamation Refusing a WHO-mandated vaccination has been criminalized!

Here is the definitive proof of what is about to happen.

To quote:

As a result of this pandemic level 6 declaration, the USA, Europe and other countries have moved from civil law to military law.

Refusing a WHO-mandated vaccination has been criminalized under provisions related to public health emergencies. Police can use deadly force against "criminal suspects," that means, they can take you to prison or even shoot you if you refuse.

There is, however, scientific evidence that the WHO mandated vaccine will be toxic and potentially deadly...

Please take a very good in-depth look at the Website. You will see
documentary evidence of Criminal Charges against Baxter Pharmaceuticals.

This means one thing: Any Government ( ZERO EXEPTIONS) that
willingly and knowingly gets its vaccines from Baxter, Merck, Novartis
and others is equally guilty of committing the Crime of planned genocide.
Forced Vaccination is a violation of your Human Rights. That means
one thing ..... Your Country is being actually run by the Elite through
a puppet Government.....and its Stooges

Please don't remain Silent anymore..... Stand up to the Government
Sponsored mass murder that is about to take place. Do you really want
to stand by and see family and friends being given a TOXIC Vaccine
that will most likely kill them..... administered by Thugs.

Before it is too late, send this info onto every person that you know.
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Old 22-08-09, 12:28 PM
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Peter Aldred Peter Aldred is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 1,016
Post Mass forced vaccinations ARE illegal!

Mass forced vaccinations ARE illegal!

Conspiracy, attempts to commit, as well as complicity in initiating and planning a crime, are punishable. The crime does not have to have occurred for you to be able to seek remedial action. If is enough for you to be able to present credible evidence that you and others are going to be subjected to acts which include inhuman treatment, including biological experiments, wilfully causing your great suffering or serious injury to body and health, for you to be able to ask that law enforcement acts to investigate and punish the violators.

The law of a state is binding not only on a State but also on all individuals inside a State, no matter how high their position in government might be. Any member of government, however senior, who commits an act which constitutes a crime under the law is responsible for it and liable to punishment. When Presidents and Prime Ministers are not obliged to obey the law, it is called a dictatorship or totalitarian government. Don't be afraid to ask for everyone to be held accountable before the law, even the Prime Minister.

These principles were reinforced during the Nuremberg Trials of 1946-1947 against Nazi German leaders for their role in committing genocide. It was established during those trials that no person, no matter how high their government office, could be exempted from their obligation to follow normative justice assigning to all people, irrespective of their race or religion, basic civic rights under any circumstances whatsoever.

The defence of the Nazi German officials that they were acting on orders from usperiors and in a "national emergency" was dismissed by the US military tribunal. The Nazi officials were found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity and for misusing their positions in government to create an apparatus of state-sponsored genocide and terror.

The Nuremberg Doctor's Trial: can someone be forced to take an injection with unknown or toxic substances?

The Nuremberg Doctor's Trial of 1946 reaffirmed the basic right of everyone not to be vaccinated or injected with unknown and dangerous substances as part of medical experiments and also of the right of everyone to be fully and adequately informed about the contents of vaccines or injections.

Nazi doctors injected into concentration camp prisoners substances and diseases that caused death and injury using force often working under contract for German pharmaceutical companies.

The Illegality of forced vaccinations in a pandemic emergency

It is, therefore, clear from these principles and laws that mass forced vaccinations with toxic substances classified as bioweapons by government regulators under the pretext of a national emergency, including a pandemc emergency, are illegal.
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