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Old 10-11-06, 02:28 PM
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Veggies and Mineral Decline

Are You Getting What You Pay For?


Breaking News . . . Veggies down 80% "markets spooked" . . . Well not really, although the markets are down -- The Market is Still Making a Killing.

British researcher, David Thomas, who has investigated all the past editions of The Composition of Foods by McCance & Wildowson -- the leading authority on British nutrition that notes all major foods, has found some startling facts. Thomas, who has checked all editions dating back to 1940, has found an alarming trend -- there has been a gradual and steady decline of trace elements and minerals in all fruit and vegetables; calcium down 46%; sodium down 49%; and copper down by 75%. More specifically, carrots have lost 75% of their magnesium; broccoli has lost 75% of its calcium and sodium has all but disappeared from runner beans. There are less stunning declines across the board with almost all fruit and vegetables.

Everybody alive knows that calcium plays a critical role in healthy teeth and bones. As for sodium, although we can get too much, we can also get too little. Sodium is essential in assisting the workings of nerves and muscles. The magical properties of magnesium assist in over 300 enzymatic reactions and are directly involved in processes relating to energy production, amino acid activation and DNA synthesis. As a calcium antagonist, magnesium assists in the relaxation of nerve and muscle tissue.

Among the trace elements, copper, chromium, lithium, vanadium and molybdenum . . . just to name a few . . . have shown to be essential. Nutritionists generally overlook trace elements as they have subtle effects that are not easily studied or understood.

Why the stunning decline? -A very brief statement . . . Modern agri-business practises have dumped copious quantities of fertilizers on our farmlands. These fertilizers are critical in boosting crop production, ensuring larger, better looking veggies that are high in water and pretty to look at but sadly very low in minerals, boosting profits for those who count most -- The Agri-Barons

Is there a connection with diseases . . . such as the explosive growth in diabetes, asthma, ADHD, leukemia other cancers and degenerative disorders to name just a few? I will let you draw your own conclusions.

One very alarming trend is Type Two Diabetes in children. Simply put, this is a disease that is generally looked upon as dietary related and until now has generally affected adults unfortunate enough to develop it over a number of years of questionable nutritional practices. Type Two Diabetes in children has enjoyed stunning growth in both Australia an the United States over the last five years. Incidence of this disease has grown by 500% . . . now that is growth. Affecting children from toddlers to teens, these same children will face imminent danger of blindness, amputation of limbs and ultimately an untimely death. So please think twice before you put items in you?re shopping basket and taking the family out for burgers and fries.

So folks if you want to enjoy your veggies, please buy organic -- this will stimulate competition amongst growers and make it more affordable for all to enjoy.

But if you really want to enjoy your veggies, get out in the garden, plant your own, involve the whole family. It's hard work, very rewarding, great fun and exercise for the whole family. Or if you want you can just sit back and eat five times as much. YOU CHOOSE.

The ETHOS OMC will give you the minerals your veggies don't have and will replenish much-needed minerals that active people and growing kids readily use up. Ocean Minerals may also help less active, senior persons by stimulating the immune system.

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